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Terms and Conditions

Terminology and Legal Scope

Customers/Users = 'You' in these terms and conditions.
Desalo/desalo/desalo uk/Desalo UK = 'We' in these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions are posted on this site (desalo.com) only. They may be revised at any time without notice to users of this site, or users of other desalo services (including web and email hosting).

Location of this document:



Customers and users are advised to check these terms periodically, so that they are aware of them, and so are not disappointed by any suspension or termination of services that may result from non-compliance.

In the case of spammers, legal action may result from misuse of our services.

UK Law in general applies, and Scottish Law in particular, and any legal dispute shall be determined in Scotland.

Use of our services denotes agreement to these terms and conditions.

Communications and Payment

Customers are advised that non-payment/late payment may result in suspension or termination of services and a surcharge for reactivation, and that desalo (and persons affiliated with same) will not be held liable in whole or part for any loss or damage that may result.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that the contact details we have on file are kept current and valid. We require that you supply us with a fallback contact email address that is not hosted by us, so that we can continue to communicate via email even if we are forced to suspend the email services that you have with us.

Legal Use of Services

You are not allowed to use our services to break the law. UK (Scottish) law in particular applies, but laws of other nations must also be respected. If in doubt, please consult us, and tell us what you are thinking of doing BEFORE you do it. Our decision as to what is and isn't an acceptable use of our services is final, and we will always endeavour to ensure that applicable laws are complied with.

If you believe that desalo or any desalo users or customers may be acting illegally, please let us know and we will immediately take any reasonable steps (within our power, and to the extent allowed by law) to address the issue.

In particular, you are not allowed, whether a desalo customer, or a user of a desalo hosted website or mail server, to send unsolicited mail (spam or junk mail). All misuse of our mail servers is, whenever possible, recorded, and the relevant authorities are informed.

Reporting Spam

If you feel that spam has originated from our servers, please help us to prevent it by letting us know. Send details of the mail(s) received, with full email headers, to:


Data Protection

We only retain contact and payment details of our customers for the purposes of billing, communication, and any services we are specifically asked to provide (such as email addresses of a customer's staff).

We do not provide such details to others, except to the extent that we may be required to when complying with UK authorities in the case of any investigation of suspected or actual criminal activity.

If you would like to know what information we hold on you, you are entitled to that information under the UK Data Protection Act. Please apply in writing, providing proof of identity, and we will happily supply such information to you. Please note that all such applications must be made by individuals. Please contact us before sending any documentation with your request, in order to determine what counts as proof of identity.

Liability, Refunds and Returns

While every effort is made to maintain services to our usual high standards, it is in the nature of technology and human interaction with technology that interruptions of service, failures of equipment, mistakes, etc. will occur from time to time, or that services may be deliberately suspended or prevented from working, either by outside attack, as a result of our own policy (e.g. in the case of late payment, or for maintenance), or for other reasons. In no circumstances will desalo, its owner(s), employees, contractors, suppliers, subcontractors or other associates be held liable, or in any way responsible, for any loss, cost, or damage that may result from use, or loss/interruption of use, or misuse of our goods, advice or services.

Use of this site, or any of our services, denotes full agreement with these terms and conditions.

If you do not fully agree with these terms and conditions and are a customer, please advise us forthwith that you wish us to terminate your services. We will then comply with immediate effect and refund any fees already paid for future provision of services on a pro rata monthly basis, taking the month after the receipt of your termination request as the date from which to calculate the refund.

30-day, money-back guarantee

In no circumstances will refunds be given for services already supplied, or for current or past months of hosting or other services already paid for, except in the case of new web and email hosting customers, who are entitled to a full refund for hosting services (i.e. excluding purchase or renewal of domain names) within the first 30 days, if they are in any way dissatisfied with the services we provide.


In the case of goods, the UK Sale of Goods Act applies, and if any goods that we supply are not fit for the purpose for which they were bought, they may be returned within 14 days of purchase (in the state in which they were received, with original and complete packaging) for a full refund, or, if desired, an exchange for an identical (but functional) article, if available, and applicable. We reserve the right to refund payment if we cannot source a similar article at the same price.

Please contact us to arrange returns. Whenever possible, we will visit you on site, test the article to ensure that it is faulty, and if it is will supply you with your refund or a replacement article, if available, taking the faulty article away with us.

Help and Support

These Terms and Conditions are in place to protect us, our customers, our users, other internet users and our suppliers, and to help us maintain a trouble-free service for all. If anything stated here is unclear, or you have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to get in touch and talk it over with us:

01896 820255

If you have any difficulty using a desalo site, or need help or support, please contact us on the same number, or use this address:



Many thanks!


Your desalo support team


Melrose, Scotland.


version 1.02, first published 23rd February, 2008 (added links to this document's location, and this revision note)

version 1.01, first published 25th October, 2006

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